The relevance of diagnostic imaging in our lives cannot be overstated. Numerous health concerns and other conditions necessitate a precise diagnosis, which entails the use of imaging testing. These tests assist the doctor in looking within your body for signs regarding certain medical disorders.

We at Asian Patna recognise that diseases and injuries are unpredictable; therefore, we are dedicated to assisting, safeguarding and giving you the utmost diagnosis and treatment available at advanced scan centre Patna.

Why do you need to visit an advanced scan centre in Patna?

Asian Patna’s imaging services encompass a wide range of examinations aimed at revealing the interior structure of the body, which is generally obscured by bones or skin. Tests like brain SPECT scan or lung perfusion scan are done to detect the numerous abnormalities in individuals.

One of the reasons people visit for imaging services is because the imaging department facilitates novel treatment alternatives and equipment for effective diagnostic imaging solutions.

In partnership with competent nurses and technologists, our imaging department provides outstanding assistance to all other departments.

What are the services offered by advanced imaging at Asian Patna?

Imaging Services are a huge topic that covers a variety of tests for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders affecting internal organs or portions of the body.

Services offered at Asian Patna for healthcare imaging facilities are as follows:

  • Multi-slice spiral CT scanner
  • PET
  • 1.5 T MRI
  • PET/CT
  • Gamma Camera
  • Interventional Procedures
  • Bone Densitomtery
  • Colour Doppler
  • Elastography
  • Pet CT scan in Patna
  • Best CT scan in Patna
  • MRI scan in Patna
  • CT scan in Patna
  • Ultrasound 2D, 3D, 4D: This scanning procedure employs high-frequency sound waves to make images of the body’s structures.

This test, also known as medical sonography, is indicated to examine breast lumps, identify infections, cancer, gallbladder problems, and other conditions.

  • Mammography in Patna: Mammography is used to identify or diagnose tumours or other abnormalities in the breast.

Ann x-ray of the breast is widely recognised as the most effective means of detecting breast cancer. It also provides precise images of the various breast cells. 

  • X-Ray and radiological procedure: An X-ray are one of the most popular imaging procedures, and it is used to take images of the structures within the body, most prominently the bones and chest.

This test is harmless and aids in the detection of anomalies that might otherwise go undetected during a physical examination. It is normally performed by a qualified radiology specialist, also known as a radiographer.

At Asian Patna, we provide a variety of imaging services that aid in diagnosing your medical concerns.

With a team of experienced radiologists, we try to give the utmost results possible by utilising cutting-edge equipment in an atmosphere that is created with patient care, privacy, and comfort in mind.

The Asian Centre for Advanced Imaging is outfitted with the most advanced and cutting-edge imaging technologies available.

DRX 1 System Detector — It is the world’s first cassette-type wireless DR that has converted an existing X-Ray room into a productive DR workflow without requiring any changes to the current equipment. It has decreased the radiation exposure by half. All of the equipment utilised is from well-known manufacturers.

The most recent technology helps the doctor’s team plan and deliver better treatment. With the existing technology and approaches, the team is prepared to execute a variety of treatments such as:

  • Testicular scan
  • Renal scan
  • Thyroid scan
  • Parathyroid scan
  • Hepatobiliary scan
  • Lung perfusion scan
  • Stress Myocardial Perfusion Study
  • Whole-body bone scan with bone SPECT
  • HMPAO— Evaluate brain perfusion
  • GHA/MIBI – Determine tumour diagnosis and recurrence
  • Brain SPECT scan

The centre has an MR compatible ventilator that is anaesthesia equipment for life support that may be utilised on severe and claustrophobic sufferers.

Why choose us for advanced scan centre Patna?

For the first time in the area, the Asian Centre for Advanced Imaging offers 24-hour services for CT scan in Patna with PACS. The region’s 4D ultrasound facility is among the best. In a short period of time, the department has achieved significant achievements.

At Asian Patna, we know your predicament for a brain SPECT scan or lung perfusion scan and are here to assist. We strive to give you the optimum care possible, from diagnosis through diagnostic imaging and treatment for your disease. With branches all throughout the nation, you can be confident that Apollo’s imaging services will be available to you at any stage of your life. 

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