When you are dealing with significant health issues, all you want is considerate and good treatment from skilled and experienced specialists. Asian Patna is one of the best emergency hospitals in Patna, a multi-speciality centre, and one of the foremost equipped critical care hospitals in the area, providing critical care services across different medical specialities.

We assure you to give the treatment you require while still being in a pleasant setting surrounded by physicians and nurses that understand you and your requirements.

With the current pandemic scenario going on, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a COVID ventilator facility or COVID hospital in Patna to help mitigate the severity of the coronavirus attack on the respiratory system. 

People seeking COVID therapy in Patna might benefit from critical care in Patna, ventilator services and ICU facility in Patna. The centre has 20 ventilator beds and other facilities to provide COVID patients with critical care. 

When should you look out for critical care near me in Patna?

Patients with critically ill medical problems require 24-hour medical attention and help. Furthermore, patients who undergo major procedures are transferred to critical care for continued monitoring under strict medical overseeing. 

There’s higher possibility of looking out for critical care in Patna if you suffer from any of the following:

  • Hypertension/Hypotension
  • Irregularities in the heart
  • Stroke on the heart
  • Accidents and other problems
  • Failure or dysfunction of many organs
  • COVID-Related Severe Issues

Why do patients need critical care at Asian Patna?

Patients might undergo critical care treatments at Asian Patna for:

  • Failure of the Central Nervous System Continues
  • Circulatory Impairment
  • Shock-like Situations
  • Acute Renal Failure
  • Failure of Hepatic and Metabolic Function
  • Deficiency in Respiratory Function
  • Post-Surgery complications
  • Infections 
  • Deteriorated Heart Problems
  • Severe Head Injury
  • Head injury treatment
  • Spine injury treatment

The hospital’s surgeons are highly qualified and thoroughly competent in performing life-saving surgeries such as throat bypass surgery, neurosurgery, and cardiovascular Surgery.

A variety of technology and specialised staff at the centre guarantee that patients are comfortable and have the best chance of improvement while recovering.

The intensive care unit (ICU) facilities at Asian Patna include:

  • Medical and Surgical ICU
  • Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU)
  • Neuro-Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
  • Caridology ICU-Pediatric (PCICU)
  • High-Dependency Unit (HDU)
  • Intensive Coronary Care Unit (ICCU)

The medical professionals at every critical care unit are devoted to maximising patient satisfaction and are outfitted with the most recent medical advancements at the centre. Consequently, we assure the best possible recovery rates with the lowest potential risk.

COVID -19 Critical Care

Asian Patna has all the primary facilities required to give health care to severe COVID patients. To combat the most severe symptoms of COVID 19, we offer ready-to-use ventilator and oxygen beds monitored by qualified doctors and skilled medical staff. 

Asian Patna provides patients with rapid assistance and the most precise medical solutions they require for a complete COVID recovery in a timely manner.

Managing air quality in the ICU is one of the most important characteristics at the centre. We ensure that our critical care COVID patients remain in contamination-free zones by managing air quality and cleaning the air. Providing such protection expedites healing by avoiding difficulties caused by external contaminating agents.

Schedule an appointment to inquire about the COVID ventilator bed facility in the case of an emergency or if you’re looking out for an ICU facility in Patna.

Why should you choose Asian Patna as your critical care hospital?

If you require cardiac treatment, spine injury treatment, head injury treatment, neurological care, pulmonary care, or general trauma response, you are in the safest of hands at one of our fully equipped critical care beds.

At Asian Patna, we believe in providing consistent and extensive medical care while making our patients as comfortable as they would be at home.

  • The facility has 20 monitored beds with ventilators.
  • All our patients get consistent 24 hours critical care.
  • The on-call compassionate nurse team ensures that all medical needs are met.
  • The best medical advice is provided by highly trained and professional doctors and surgeons.
  • On-duty doctors make ward visits on a regular basis.
  • We provide emergency care that meets international standards.
  • The patients’ total physical and psychological well-being is maintained to the greatest extent possible.
  • The on-call, 24-hour ambulance service transports you to the appropriate medical treatment as soon as possible.

With such ideals at the forefront, Asian Patna stays among India’s leading critical care hospitals for meeting your emergency healthcare requirements! 

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