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Pulmonology is a discipline of medicine that focuses on the lungs and respiratory system.The respiration system is an important part of your body that helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is mostly linked to the lungs and their adjacent organs.

For certain relatively short-term lung infections, such as the flu or pneumonia, your normal doctor may be able to provide all the treatment you require especially COVID treatment in Patna. However, if your cough, shortness of breath, or other symptoms do not improve, you should consult a pulmonologist in Patna.The proper operation of your lungs is crucial to your overall health.

When should you see a pulmonologist in Patna?

If you have any of the symptoms associated, you should look for a pneumonia specialist doctor near me for lung problem treatment.

  • Drowsiness
  • Exhaustion
  • Breathing difficulties while sleeping
  • Irresistible Asthma
  • Gasping for air
  • A persistent cold
  • A nasty cough that lasted for three weeks
  • Bronchitis
  • Chest ache

These might be indications of ordinary respiratory disorders or something more serious that need the services of a lung expert. The best pulmonologist in Patnais devoted to deliver precise test and assist you through the optimal treatment option for any lung problem.

If you are searching for any of the following, Asian centre is the ideal place to go:

  • Lung Problem Treatment
  • COVID Treatment in Patna
  • Bronchoscopy in Patna
  • Chest Specialist
  • Asthma Specialist in Patna
  • PAH Treatment
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Smoking Cessation Clinic
  • Sleep Apnea Treatment
  • Tuberculosis Treatment
  • COPD Treatment

These are the areas of expertise available at the centre. Our team of skilled medical experts provides maximum patient comfort by utilising cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge practises.

What are the services offered for respiratory medicine by Asian centre in Patna?

As pulmonology advances, treatment technology at our centre becomes increasingly sophisticated. The centre’s cutting-edge equipment fulfils stringent healthcare requirements and enables our specialists to execute high-quality, effective treatments, resulting in excellent outcomes.

These techniques are the outcome of the Asian Centre for Respiratory Medicine’s technical innovations:

Video Bronchoscopy

A video bronchoscope is accessible at the Asian Centre. This equipment enables our doctors to check a patient’s lungs endoscopically, i.e., using a camera. As a result, any pathology may be successfully detected and continuously followed with the assistance of this equipment.

Video bronchoscope is used for:

  • Obtaining samples of lung tissue for evaluation
  • Laser treatment is used to prevent or stop airway congestion
  • Stenting of the airways
  • Surgical removal of airway tumours or granulation
  • Taking out foreign particles
  • Draining out phlegm
  • Completing difficult intubations
  • Catheter insertion
  • Diagnosis of lung diseases by endoscopy

The device assures that the centre may continue to provide vital pulmonary treatments while utilising cutting-edge technology.

The Sleep Lab

Sleep difficulties caused by respiratory issues may hinder the patient from getting enough rest and recovering fully. The skilled and experienced sleep experts at the Asian Centre’s revolutionary sleep lab diagnose and treat a wide range of issues, ensuring that our patients sleep comfortably and regularly receive a sufficient amount of sleep.

The sleep lab assists in the management of:

  • Sleep-disordered breathing (SDB), which can be compounded by cardiovascular disorders, metabolic problems, or obesity
  • Breathing patterns that are abnormal
  • Sleeping without adequate ventilation
  • Pickwickian syndrome, or obesity-induced hypoventilation (lack of ventilation).
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Condition (COPD): A long-term respiratory disease that gets worse over time
  • Neuromuscular illnesses that impair respiratory muscles, such as the diaphragm.
  • Central Sleep Apneas
  • Parasomnias
  • Trauma to the chest wall, blood in the area between the lung and the muscular wall (haemothorax), chest wall masses, or scoliosis are all indications of chest wall problems

Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) Lab

The pulmonary function test lab enables us to provide precise COVID treatment in Patna by promptly and correctly analysing the performance of the lungs.

The following are significant advantages of PFT:

  • Spirometry:It quantifies the volume of air inhaled and exhaled. It also determines the effectiveness of the lungs by measuring the force of exhalation. Spirometry is very useful in identifying disorders like as asthma and COPD since it searches for exhalation blockages.
  • Measuring Lung Volume: The patient’s respiratory system may be disturbed, preventing them from breathing adequate air. The expert pulmonologists at the centre employ PFT to diagnose the irregularities by measuring the amount of air you breath into your lungs. Lesser volumes promote inflammation, lung tissue scarring, or anomalies in the chest wall, which frequently lead to restrictive lung illnesses.
  • Advanced Lung Flow Research
  • Thoracoscopy using video
  • Allergy Lab
  • EBUS

Specialists at the Asian Centre assist patients in managing their respiration by offering appropriate, long-term remedies and frequent check-ups.

Why choose us Asian Centre for respiratory medicines?

The knowledgeable and certified pulmonologists in Patna at Asian Centre for Respiratory Medicine are fully equipped to assist you in managing the disease and receiving the appropriate treatment that will lead to a sustainable way of life.

The centre provides:
  • Proper testing labs 
  • Innovative technology
  • The most advanced and complex treatment methods
  • Lung experts that are well qualified and have a wealth of expertise
  • Accurate diagnosis and treatment that leads to success
  • Nursing and assistance employees who are kind

While performing surgeries and providing results-oriented therapies, we emphasize the comfort and demands of our patients.The Asian Centre for Respiratory Medicine has best pulmonologistin Patna due to which the centre continues to be a significant pulmonology centre in India.

Book a consultation with our skilled pulmonologist anytime you need to receive the best treatment guidance!

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